What I wore during my stay at The Thompson Playa Del Carmen

Playa 1.JPG

Swimsuit (size up - wearing a large but would be best in a medium)

A few weeks ago my girlfriends and I went to Playa Del Carmen and stayed at The Thompson hotel. It was my first trip of the year and it was honestly so nice to escape the cold Dallas weather for warmer temps! The Thompson has two locations in Playa, the main house and beach house (just two blocks from each other).

We stayed at the main house and had the best time shooting outfits and relaxing for a few days. If you’re traveling to Playa Del Carmen and want to stay right on the beach I would recommend staying at their beach house. We chose the main house because we loved the rooftop pool and didn’t necessarily feel the need to be right on the beach during our stay. We did go to the beach house one day and hung out in their cozy cabanas and had lunch and cocktails.

If there’s one restaurant you need to try while in Playa it’s CATCH, which is on the rooftop of the Thompson main house. We ate there twice during our stay because it was that good. I recommend trying ALL the sushi rolls, brussel sprouts, truffle fries and chocolate cake!

Even though we were technically “on vacation” we shot a lot of new content during this trip and worked quite a bit. I think we only went out one night, which is pretty odd for our group. I do recommend venturing out and hitting up Mamita’s Beach Club party. We had a Friday funday there and it was a blast. There’s cabanas on the beach, a DJ, and great drinks..it’s basically a huge party that we couldn’t turn down.

I’ve included all the outfits I wore during the trip with sizing info. Be sure to scroll all the way down because there’s A LOT. I hope this post gives you some inspiration for your next vacation and if it doesn’t don’t worry because there’s a ton more coming your way!

playa 3.JPG

Bikini top (medium) | My bikini bottom (medium) | Jaclyn bikini top (small) | Jaclyn bikini bottom (small)

playa 10.JPG

Bikini top (I’m wearing medium in both and Yasmina small in both) | Bikini Bottom


Swimsuit (small)

Playa 4.JPG

My one piece (small - but would be best in a medium) | Yasmina bikini top (small). Bikini bottom (small) | Jaclyn bikini (small)


Swim top (medium) | Swim bottoms (medium)

playa 5.JPG

Swim top (medium) | Swim bottoms (medium) | Coverup (small) | Hat


Swim top (medium) | Swim bottoms (medium)


Swimsuit (medium) | Hat

plays 14.JPG

Swimsuit (medium) | Hat


Dress (XS) | Bag


Cami (large) | Shorts (26) | Hat


My Outfit : Tank (large) | Shorts (26) | Slides | Hat | Bag

Jaclyn’s Outfit (middle) : Top | Shorts | Slides | Bag

Yasmina’s Outfit : Shorts (small) | Top (small) | Tote | Sunglasses


Finding the perfect fit with Soma Intimates


I recently visited Soma Intimates to get a custom bra fitting and was shocked to hear that I’d been wearing the wrong size for YEARS. I mean, how is that even possible? I was excited to see that Soma has a new technology where they can determine your exact bra size with the Soma INNOFIT tool. This tool is actually a bra itself that you put on over your normal best fitting bra. Then you download the SOMAINNOFIT app which will “activate” the bra and give you your precise measurements/correct bra size. How amazing is that? I think Soma is ahead of the game with this technology! I put on the INNOFIT bra over mine and in minutes knew my exact size. This fitting was unlike any I’ve had before and I honestly enjoyed it! Usually when I think of going bra shopping it’s such a chore and fittings can be awkward.

The fitting at Soma made my shopping experience such a breeze and guided me in the right direction when it came to my personal bra size. This tool is available in Soma stores, so if you’re in need of a bra fitting I highly suggest trying out this service. I have always liked Soma bras, they are super comfortable and the colors are feminine and fit my style. I picked up a few new bras that day and highly recommend the MEMORABLE PUSH UP BRA - it’s my absolute favorite and I have it in a ton of colors! Scroll down to see more from my shopping experience at Soma!


SOMAINNOFIT tool that helps determine your exact bra size!


This post is in partnership with Soma Intimates, a brand I love. All selections and opinions are my own. Thank you Soma Intimates for sponsoring this post.



Second Day Hairstyle with Dove

Dove IG Post 1.JPG

I honestly don't know one girl who actually enjoys washing their hair. I personally put it off as long as possible, which means I always go a few days in between washes. I depend on two Dove products to keep my hair looking great for days on end. I use Dove invisible dry shampoo and rehydrating mist to help give me a flawless second day hairstyle. This two step process is so easy and does the job. The invisible dry shampoo is perfect for refreshing my hair. I spray it along on my roots and just use my hand to really work it into my hair. This dry shampoo is truly magical and leaves my hair feeling fresh, clean and full of body on days between washes. I'm such a huge dry shampoo fan, I admit sometimes I even sleep in it so when I wake up my hair has tons of body and volume. Trust me on this one ladies - try it and see for yourself!

Dove IG Post 2.JPG

The second step to achieving this second day hairstyle is to use the Dove Re-Hydrating Mist. It's perfect for redefining and rehydrating my hair. I spray this all over my hair and the weightless formula instantly rehydrates and nourishes it. Once those two steps are complete my hair feels amazing and like I just washed it. I repeat this step everyday until I wash it again, which is usually around 3 days max. I picked up both Dove products at my local Walmart store…you know they're great products when there is only one of each left on the shelf! 

Dove IG Post 3.JPG

If you're looking for a way to keep your hair feeling great after washing I highly recommend trying these two dove products. There's no need to wash your hair everyday with this dry shampoo and rehydrating mist duo around!

Click here to shop both the Dove dry shampoo and rehydrating mist



My Microneeding Experience with EnlightenMD


Let me start off by saying that I’ve struggled with insecurity about my skin for many years. I’ve hid behind makeup and masked it all until now. I grew up being in the sun constantly, whether it was long pool days in the 90+ Texas heat or playing sports, I was exposed to the damaging effects of the sun for years on end. Sunscreen wasn’t super important to me back then like it is now. I was also a tanning bed regular from the time I was 15 years old to 21. Obviously I didn’t treat my skin the way I should have and if I could go back in time I would in a heartbeat. Now I’m reaping the consequences and have to really work at keeping my skin looking healthy.

I think my skin really started going downhill once I was in college and I was extremely stressed out and experienced real anxiety for the first time in my life. My skin broke out more than ever during that time and I took all that built up stress and frustration out on myself and my skin. I basically made my acne so much worse and scarred my skin. I now have hypopigmentation (white spots) in some areas on my face. I’ve lost the ability to produce melanin in these areas and it really stands out when I have any sort of tan on my face. What a mess, right?

In addition to the acne scars I also have a lot of melasma (brown patches) on my face. Melasma is super common but can be triggered by sun exposure, pregnancy, birth control pills, genetics, hormonal fluctuations and stress. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what caused my melasma, but all I know is that it has progressed in recent years. Even though I am now diligent about wearing sunscreen on my face and wearing hats when I’m out in the sun, any sort of heat on my face causes the melasma to flare up and get much worse. I’m not going to lie, once that happens my face looks a little cray and my skin tone is extremely uneven. I wasn’t kidding, the struggle is real when it comes to my skin. That’s why it’s difficult for me to open up and write this post, because I am very insecure about it and it’s hard sharing something like that with others. At the very least I hope it helps someone out there who may also be struggling with their own skin insecurities. You’re definitely not alone.

I’ve seen so many dermatologists the past few years to try and get some answers on how I can improve my melasma and even my skin tone. Trust me, I’ve tried all the creams, retinols, etc to try to improve things. Pretty much every dermatologist I’ve ever been to told me to do fraxel laser. I was contemplating it for the longest time but just unsure because I felt like I was just being sold some crazy expensive procedure that wouldn’t really do much for my personal issues. Another thing that held me back on fraxel is the fact that it’s a heated laser. Heat is not good for my skin, so that held me back as well. I will say I’ve seen other people have amazing results with fraxel, I was never convinced it was right for my specific needs.

Things quickly changed the day I went to EnlightenMD and has a consultation with the owner Kari. As hard as it was for me to go bare face anywhere, I went in with zero makeup on and was desperate for help. Kari examined my face and made me feel at ease, assuring me that we would develop a plan to improve my specific skin issues. I told her that every dermatologist in the past recommended fraxel and she quickly threw out that idea saying a heated laser is definitely NOT right for my skin. Instead she said we would do 3 rounds of microneeding.

I started my microneedling treatments in 2018 and can honestly say now that it’s over that I’ve never felt more confident in my own skin than I do now. Channing at EnlightenMD did all of my microneedling treatments and was so helpful with the entire process. She’s a pro and I highly recommend her if you’re in the DFW area. Microneedling really cleared up my melasma in a big way and now my skin tone looks more even. I still have to work hard everyday to maintain all the progress we’ve made on my skin but I’m up for the challenge after seeing the drastic changes. I use several products daily (shown below) that help the process and I also avoid the sun if possible and wear sunscreen every single day.

Even now my skin is nowhere near perfect or flawless in any aspect. However the improvement I’ve seen from where I started is more than enough for me. My self confidence has dramatically improved as a result of this treatment. I actually feel comfortable going places makeup free now. This is huge because I used to never leave the house without concealing everything first. I had a total of 3 microneedling treatments and will continue these as part of my skin care regimen moving forward. I didn’t think results like this were possible for me but EnlightenMD really did an amazing job at developing a plan to meet my specific needs. It’s been the best experience and I’m forever grateful for Kari and the EnlightenMD team I worked with for helping me overcome my skin insecurities and improve the overall health of my skin.

Common questions I’ve received about microneedling

Q: How many treatments did you do?

A: I did a total of three treatments, each around 6-8 weeks apart

Q: What all does microneedling treat?

A: Sun damage, acne scars, melasma, fine lines and overall skin texture

Q: Are there different kinds of microneeding?

A: Yes, Enlighten offers 4 different kinds: Brightening, Hydrating, Anti-Aging and PRP/Vampire Facial

Q: What kind of microneedling did you do?

A: I did a brightening microneedling with Lytera

Q: How much does microneedling cost?

A: I recommend going in for a consultation because everyone’s treatment plan is different

Q: Have you had good results from your microneedling?

A: I am officially hooked on this treatment, it improved my skin so much - just look at the before/after pictures below

Q: How painful is microneedling?
A: Obviously everyone’s pain tolerance is different, and I do feel like I have a pretty high one. I personally think it’s about a 4 out of 10 overall and then increases to 6 out of 10 level on the forehead area. They do numb the entire face beforehand which helps

Q: What is the downtime after microneedling?

A: 24 hours with no sun exposure or makeup. Your face will be red but there’s no pain or discomfort afterwards in my opinion

Before + After Pictures after 3 Microneedling treatments at Enlighten

IMG_2601 (2).jpg

These are the 3 products I use on my face daily (in addition to sunscreen) to help maintain the more even skin tone I’ve achieved after microneeding. I get all of these products at EnlightenMD in Dallas.




Holiday Party + New Years Eve Outfits


December is here ( obviously, we’re almost 3 weeks in, ha! ) and holiday parties are in full effect. I LOVE this time of year because I get to wear things I don’t normally wear - like sequins and fancy dresses. I’ve rounded up 11 looks below that would be great for all types of holiday get togethers, from casual to formal. I’m showing you jumpsuits, bodysuit/skirt combos and everything in between! Not to skip Christmas or anything, but NYE is right around the corner and there’s lots of sequins below that will get you excited for that as well! As always I’m here to be a resource for you to find the perfect outfit for any occasion so feel free to message me any time!

Dress (small) | Heels | Earrings

Shop Red Dresses Under $100


Shop bodysuits under $100


Bodysuit ( small ) | Skirt ( size 2 ) | Heels

Shop black skirts under $100


Dress ( small ) | Heels

Shop black mini dresses

Shop black midi dresses

Shop full length black dresses


Jumpsuit (small) | Belt | Clutch

Shop jumpsuits


Skirt ( size 2 ) | Sweater | Bralette | Earrings | Heels

Shop sequin skirts


Skirt (medium) | Bodysuit (medium) | OTK Boots | Lipstick (Russian red)

Shop sequin dresses


Bodysuit ( small ) | Skirt ( small ) | Earrings


Top ( small ) | Pants ( small ) | Earrings


Sequin Tank ( small ) | Earrings | Skirt ( size 2 )

Ship sequin tanks

Shop sequin tops


Sequin Halter ( small ) | Skirt ( size 2 )