My Microneeding Experience with EnlightenMD


Let me start off by saying that I’ve struggled with insecurity about my skin for many years. I’ve hid behind makeup and masked it all until now. I grew up being in the sun constantly, whether it was long pool days in the 90+ Texas heat or playing sports, I was exposed to the damaging effects of the sun for years on end. Sunscreen wasn’t super important to me back then like it is now. I was also a tanning bed regular from the time I was 15 years old to 21. Obviously I didn’t treat my skin the way I should have and if I could go back in time I would in a heartbeat. Now I’m reaping the consequences and have to really work at keeping my skin looking healthy.

I think my skin really started going downhill once I was in college and I was extremely stressed out and experienced real anxiety for the first time in my life. My skin broke out more than ever during that time and I took all that built up stress and frustration out on myself and my skin. I basically made my acne so much worse and scarred my skin. I now have hypopigmentation (white spots) in some areas on my face. I’ve lost the ability to produce melanin in these areas and it really stands out when I have any sort of tan on my face. What a mess, right?

In addition to the acne scars I also have a lot of melasma (brown patches) on my face. Melasma is super common but can be triggered by sun exposure, pregnancy, birth control pills, genetics, hormonal fluctuations and stress. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what caused my melasma, but all I know is that it has progressed in recent years. Even though I am now diligent about wearing sunscreen on my face and wearing hats when I’m out in the sun, any sort of heat on my face causes the melasma to flare up and get much worse. I’m not going to lie, once that happens my face looks a little cray and my skin tone is extremely uneven. I wasn’t kidding, the struggle is real when it comes to my skin. That’s why it’s difficult for me to open up and write this post, because I am very insecure about it and it’s hard sharing something like that with others. At the very least I hope it helps someone out there who may also be struggling with their own skin insecurities. You’re definitely not alone.

I’ve seen so many dermatologists the past few years to try and get some answers on how I can improve my melasma and even my skin tone. Trust me, I’ve tried all the creams, retinols, etc to try to improve things. Pretty much every dermatologist I’ve ever been to told me to do fraxel laser. I was contemplating it for the longest time but just unsure because I felt like I was just being sold some crazy expensive procedure that wouldn’t really do much for my personal issues. Another thing that held me back on fraxel is the fact that it’s a heated laser. Heat is not good for my skin, so that held me back as well. I will say I’ve seen other people have amazing results with fraxel, I was never convinced it was right for my specific needs.

Things quickly changed the day I went to EnlightenMD and has a consultation with the owner Kari. As hard as it was for me to go bare face anywhere, I went in with zero makeup on and was desperate for help. Kari examined my face and made me feel at ease, assuring me that we would develop a plan to improve my specific skin issues. I told her that every dermatologist in the past recommended fraxel and she quickly threw out that idea saying a heated laser is definitely NOT right for my skin. Instead she said we would do 3 rounds of microneeding.

I started my microneedling treatments in 2018 and can honestly say now that it’s over that I’ve never felt more confident in my own skin than I do now. Channing at EnlightenMD did all of my microneedling treatments and was so helpful with the entire process. She’s a pro and I highly recommend her if you’re in the DFW area. Microneedling really cleared up my melasma in a big way and now my skin tone looks more even. I still have to work hard everyday to maintain all the progress we’ve made on my skin but I’m up for the challenge after seeing the drastic changes. I use several products daily (shown below) that help the process and I also avoid the sun if possible and wear sunscreen every single day.

Even now my skin is nowhere near perfect or flawless in any aspect. However the improvement I’ve seen from where I started is more than enough for me. My self confidence has dramatically improved as a result of this treatment. I actually feel comfortable going places makeup free now. This is huge because I used to never leave the house without concealing everything first. I had a total of 3 microneedling treatments and will continue these as part of my skin care regimen moving forward. I didn’t think results like this were possible for me but EnlightenMD really did an amazing job at developing a plan to meet my specific needs. It’s been the best experience and I’m forever grateful for Kari and the EnlightenMD team I worked with for helping me overcome my skin insecurities and improve the overall health of my skin.

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Common questions I’ve received about microneedling

Q: How many treatments did you do?

A: I did a total of three treatments, each around 6-8 weeks apart

Q: What all does microneedling treat?

A: Sun damage, acne scars, melasma, fine lines and overall skin texture

Q: Are there different kinds of microneeding?

A: Yes, Enlighten offers 4 different kinds: Brightening, Hydrating, Anti-Aging and PRP/Vampire Facial

Q: What kind of microneedling did you do?

A: I did a brightening microneedling with Lytera

Q: How much does microneedling cost?

A: I recommend going in for a consultation because everyone’s treatment plan is different

Q: Have you had good results from your microneedling?

A: I am officially hooked on this treatment, it improved my skin so much - just look at the before/after pictures below

Q: How painful is microneedling?
A: Obviously everyone’s pain tolerance is different, and I do feel like I have a pretty high one. I personally think it’s about a 4 out of 10 overall and then increases to 6 out of 10 level on the forehead area. They do numb the entire face beforehand which helps

Q: What is the downtime after microneedling?

A: 24 hours with no sun exposure or makeup. Your face will be red but there’s no pain or discomfort afterwards in my opinion

Before + After Pictures after 3 Microneedling treatments at Enlighten

IMG_2601 (2).jpg

These are the 3 products I use on my face daily (in addition to sunscreen) to help maintain the more even skin tone I’ve achieved after microneeding. I get all of these products at EnlightenMD in Dallas.




Holiday Party + New Years Eve Outfits


December is here ( obviously, we’re almost 3 weeks in, ha! ) and holiday parties are in full effect. I LOVE this time of year because I get to wear things I don’t normally wear - like sequins and fancy dresses. I’ve rounded up 11 looks below that would be great for all types of holiday get togethers, from casual to formal. I’m showing you jumpsuits, bodysuit/skirt combos and everything in between! Not to skip Christmas or anything, but NYE is right around the corner and there’s lots of sequins below that will get you excited for that as well! As always I’m here to be a resource for you to find the perfect outfit for any occasion so feel free to message me any time!

Dress (small) | Heels | Earrings

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Bodysuit ( small ) | Skirt ( size 2 ) | Heels

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Dress ( small ) | Heels

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Jumpsuit (small) | Belt | Clutch

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Skirt ( size 2 ) | Sweater | Bralette | Earrings | Heels

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Skirt (medium) | Bodysuit (medium) | OTK Boots | Lipstick (Russian red)

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Democracy Denim Week

Democracy 1.JPG

Shop the look

Jeggings (wearing size 2) | Top (small) | Sweater Vest (small)

A great pair of jeans can be a huge confidence booster and when you find the right pair it’s a real game changer! In honor of Denim week at Dillards, I’m sharing the most flattering pair of Ab-solution Democracy jeans and why I’m so obsessed with them.

No Gap Waistband

One of the reasons these Ab-solution jeans are such a flattering fit is because there is no gap in the elastic waistband which keeps the denim in place. I have such a crazy busy lifestyle that this feature is a huge plus for me. I feel like these jeans don’t stretch out or shift throughout long hours of wearing them.

Slimming Mesh Panels

We all want jeans that have that slimming factor don’t we? The Democracy Ab-solution jeans do just that. I think this is due in part to the power mesh panel on the front part of the jeans. The panels are fitted with ultra-stretch to ensure the jeans expand where they need to and hug the right parts. Honestly these black jeans are my new go to because they make me look thinner and hug in all the right places. I always wear black jeans on repeat in the fall and these have been on repeat lately because of the flattering fit!

Booty Lift

When I first tried on the Ab-solution jeans, I loved the way they made my booty look! This is so key for women, we want jeans that make us look our best from the front AND back. The pockets on the jeans are strategically placed to flatter all body types and the sweetheart stitching gives an immediate booty lift. I’m here for jeans that give me an instant booty lift, means I’ll have to spend less time at the gym!

My Ab-solution jeans are now one of my favorite pair. Check out the other styles of Ab-Solution jeans, there’s many colors to choose from! I know you’ll love them just as much as I do! Stop by your local Dillards from now until November 18th to celebrate Democracy Denim Week! You’ll get a Democracy water bottle with any purchase of Democracy Denim.

Democracy 2.JPG
Democracy 3.JPG
Democracy 5.JPG
Democracy 4.JPG

This post is sponsored by Democracy Denim. All selections and opinions are my own.



Two Year Blogiversary and 100K!


Cheers to two years of blogging and reaching 100k followers! I seriously can’t thank you all enough for your support during the past two years. I feel incredibly blessed to do what I love for a living and it’s all because of YOU, my amazing followers! Reaching 100k on my 2nd Blogiversary is something I never imagined would happen when I started my little blog back in 2016.

To give you a little perspective, I started this journey with 400 followers and a lot of doubt. Doubt that I couldn’t be successful in this industry and a fear of failing. In the beginning it felt like I was constantly losing followers, engagement, etc and it was incredibly discouraging. At times I contemplated quitting and just moving on with my life. I had to remind myself that success with anything in life takes time, persistence and hard work. As I celebrate reaching a personal goal of 100K, I’m humbled thinking back to the beginning and how something like this seemed like a far fetched dream. We all have to start somewhere and it’s so true that nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.

If there’s one piece of advice I could offer to anyone struggling to believe in themselves and start something they are passionate about it would be to take risks, step outside your comfort zone and pursue your passion. I personally contemplated starting my blog for a year before I ever did. I was terrified to put myself out there and have my life be so public. One day I just decided to go for it, rejection would obviously be a part of it but I had to start to ever know if I could succeed.

I’m so thankful for all the amazing people in my life who have supported me during my blogging journey (shout out to my family and friends for always taking 500 outfit pictures for me until we get the money shot.) To all my followers that have followed me since the beginning, you’re the real MVPs! Words truly can’t express my gratitude for your support the past two years. Without you I wouldn’t have been able to quit my corporate job this year to fully invest in Whit’s Whims. To be honest I’m still in awe that people find me interesting and care about what I’m wearing/doing on a daily basis. With that being said, please don’t stop haha.

I’m also so lucky to have met some of my best friends through blogging and for that I’m forever thankful. We’ve had the opportunity to travel and make incredible memories together. I’m not going to lie, getting into an industry that is consumed by comparison was intimidating at first. All I know is it’s so important to be supportive of other women and surround yourself with like minded people who want to see you succeed. Everyone is unique in their own way and in this industry it’s crucial to not lose sight of who you are. On a side note, don’t be scared to slide into the DMs of someone you think you’d be great friends with! True story I did exactly that with one of my blogger besties and now we’re basically inseparable.

Okay I’m officially done rambling haha. I just want to say I’m so excited for the future of Whit’s Whims and what’s to come! I promise to keep bringing you quality content that you want to see! Again, thank you SO much to all my supportive followers. Building my blog and social presence the past two years has been a lot of work, and certainly not easy. With that being said, knowing that I can help you all in some way is what drives me to keep pursuing my passion. I hope you’ll stick around and continue to follow me on this journey!