Velvet & Faux Leather Skirt

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When I went home for Thanksgiving I was talking with my mom about how fashion makes a full circle and trends always come back in style over time. It was so interesting because she said she used to wear velvet, bell bottoms, and chokers all the time when she was a young girl. Selfishly I wish she held onto all her fabulous fashion so I could rock the same pieces today! How sweet would that be? Someone asks you where you got your velvet jumpsuit and you say "I got it from my mama!" Knowing that makes me want to hoard everything I own so if I'm blessed with a little girl one day I can pass it all down to her. I bet she'd be a fan of this look, I mean who doesn't love blush velvet and faux leather skirts? Velvet is on trend this season and I feel like it's everywhere - including my closet! Can't and won't stop wearing this trend into Fall & Winter !

 Are you feeling the velvet vibes? I'd love to hear what trends you like this fall!

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I am a huge fan of bodysuits, especially this one since it's only $13! My faux leather skirt is a new fall favorite and will be popping up on the blog a lot styled differently in each post! It's the PERFECT length and can be styled so many ways - dressy or casual!

My pumps are older and sold out but I liked three other styles that I love! I own the second and third pair and all three are under $100. I am loving that block heel on the first pair - so gorgeous!

My jacket is unfortunately sold out, however I found three other styles below that would look great with an outfit like this. Embroidery is on trend this season and I'm pretty sure I need to purchase this middle moto jacket considering it's only $45 and right up my alley!

Thanks so much for stopping by! 


Photos by Madison Katlin