Okay, I know "Mom Jeans" may scare some of you away, but hear me out on this one! I admit I was super skeptical to try this style of denim at first. I'm SO glad I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried something new. That's hard to do sometimes when you're used to sticking to what works. Typically a skinny jeans kind of girl, mom jeans are now making their way through my rotation - and for good reason! This high waisted straight leg style of jeans is trending and if you haven't tried them out yet - I highly recommend you give them a chance! I've linked a ton of different mom jeans (ALL under $100) that I also recommend, but for now let's discuss the pair I'm wearing. 

Not only is this particular pair super affordable (I'm talking less than $50 --WHAAAT!?) but they also are extremely flattering and slimming around the waist. So the one thing you're going to get with this style of denim is a VERY high waist. My jeans hit right above my belly button for reference. I have a really long torso so obviously it will be different on all body types but just know that the high waist is on another level with mom jeans. I also really like how the ankle of the jeans isn't tight, it's a loose straight fit and looks super chic with a great pair of strappy heels. One of the things I've learned that look good with these jeans is a $25 tight knit turtleneck or a under $40 classic black bodysuit. Basically what I'm getting at is tighter fitting tops ALWAYS look amazing with mom jeans! Another thing I really like on this pair is the wash and distressing, which make them perfect for dressing up or down, a total win-win!

If you are like me and typically only buy the brand of denim you know looks good on you and the style that always works, I encourage you to venture out! Trying something new can be difficult, but sometimes it works in your favor and could end up being your new favorite piece of clothing! It's a little embarrassing how often I'm wearing my mom jeans these days but I promise you they're THAT good! For sizing reference, I am typically a 26-27 in jeans and am wearing a 0 in this pair.



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